Friday, December 10, 2010

Super big nerd

As I have shared before, one of the blogs I follow and enjoy is Miscellanies by Tony Reinke. Here is a self-description Tony gives on his blog:
As you will soon see, I focus an inordinate amount of my life on the topic of books. I enjoy reading, reviewing, and talking about books (nerdness alert), sharing research tips and tricks with electronic reference books (big nerdness), photographing books (super big nerdness), censuring publishers for inferior book construction (hyper-extensive nerdness), and photographing the graves of dead writers (insert your own label here).
Taking into account that autobiographical definition, the blogger at The Puritan's Woodshop is a super big nerd. Brandon qualifies because he takes pictures of books. And they are amazing pictures at that. Below are a sample from his blog. If these pictures get your blood pumping, you just may be a super nerd too.


  1. Hey Jude, Thanks...I think. LOL. Its never felt so good to be called a nerd before.

  2. Great shots!


    Mr Super Nerd