Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top Books I read in 2010

10) Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl by N. D. Wilson

Great writing! A fun and novel read on a much written about subject. A fresh view of topics such as suffering and the existence of God. I get the feeling that Wilson, at least in this book, might be the type of writer one loves or hates. I loved this book.

9) Epistle to the Romans (NICNT, Volume 2) by John Murray

8) Epistle to the Romans (NICNT, Volume 1) by John Murray

Working through these commentaries was one of the best choices of reading I made in 2010. I appreciated Murray's writings in other books and articles and this was no different in the commentaries. Murray's concise and articulate style will always endear him to me. The thorough explanation of “the most important letter ever written” was invaluable to me.

7) The Meaning of the Pentateuch by John Sailhamer

In many ways, this book was over my head. A more learned scholar would have appreciated the life's work that went in to this book in a way I never could. Nevertheless, this was a fascinating read. Sailhamer reflects a high view of Scripture and a love for God's Word. And his ideas and theories were very intriguing and eye opening. This book was well worth the work!

6) The Justification of God by John Piper

Another tough read; this took all the attention I could give it. It taught me about, arguably, the most important Christian doctrine; justification. It also taught me about the concepts surrounding justification such as righteousness and glory. A must read.

5) God's Passion for His Glory by John Piper

An enlightening look at man's chief end, and God's chief end. And an intriguing and compelling look at North America's greatest philosopher and theologian; Jonathan Edwards. Another proof for me that if Piper wrote it, I need to read it.

4) One Thing by Sam Storms

This has been the book I have recommended to more people than any other in 2010. A very readable style, One Thing is another book by Storms that will have a permanent place on my bookshelf. This is another powerfully compelling book by one of the "New Hedonists"; of the Christian variety, of course.

3) Reemption Accomplished and Applied by John Murray

A classic. This book covers many major doctrines with thoroughness and clarity. As I have mentioned, Murray does not waste words, but neither is he dry or uninteresting. He deals with the subject at hand without playing games; you can tell this is serious stuff for him. I will use this book as a reference for years to come.

2) God is the Gospel by John Piper

I could clearly see God's providence in my reading this book when I did. It came at just the right time. Thus, it had a significant impact on me. The point of everything we do and believe is ultimately God. God is the gospel. The gospel is good news because of God and would not be good news otherwise. It sounds so obvious as I type it but that idea is often overlooked in our passion for gospel-centeredness and cross-centeredness. It is about God and His glory. This book works through that idea in many different areas. I was particularly helped by Piper's explanation of how this plays out in sanctification. Don't miss this one by “Pipes”.

1) A Praying Life by Paul Miller

This, if I could only read one, would be the book of choice for me in 2010. This book took a sledgehammer to some ungodly thought patterns in my life that undermine prayer. And then it edified me to a place where I was praying more, particularly in supplication, than I have in quite some time. It bolstered my faith thereby adding a vitality to my making requests of my God. It was informative, motivating, and produced practical results in an much-neglected area of my Christian walk. Read it.


I don't read much fiction, but the best work I read in this genre was The Death of Ivan Iliych by Leo Tolstoy from a compilation of some of his short stories. An unflinching and gut wrenching look at the futility of life. Wow! You will not forget this piece of fiction should you choose to read it. It made me wondrously glad that my life has purpose because of my union with Christ.

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