Sunday, May 24, 2009

From Frame's "The Doctrine of God"

On our significance as God's creatures:

"To feel free is to feel that one has a significant role to play in the world, and that is true of all of us. To feel responsible is to affirm for ourselves the purpose for which God has made us. To feel significant is to recognize that God has given each one of us an important role in history, and that he has arranged everything else in the universe to be consistent with that role."

Our significance as humans is founded on and found in God. The fact that we are creatures and that our existence is contingent upon God does not make us insignificant but rather is the basis for our very significance.

I am also 'chewing' on some of Frame's discussions about God and his sovereignty. Frame contends that God can prevent human beings from any action. Because he has this control and authority, Frame further suggests that "when God "permits" creatures to do things contrary to his will, it is because he intends for them to do those things."(154) In the following chapter, Frame promises to address the resulting question: How can God intend for people to do wicked things? I'm looking forward to reading it. However, as difficult at is that idea seems at the moment, the example of Judas' betrayal certainly falls into this category. God 'intended' for Judas to betray Christ which is a heinous act. So, I need to work my way through these ideas. I hope you will too.

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