Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More from Frame: Could Jesus Sin?

From Frame's work The Doctrine of God:

"Could Jesus sin? Perhaps the best short answer is that yes, he was physically and mentally capable of sinning, but no, he was morally incapable of of it, since he was perfectly holy. Could he struggle with temptation? He could struggle against physical obstacles, so why not against mental and spiritual ones as well?" (134)

Or, along the same lines:

"Were Jesus' bones breakable? Was it possible that Jesus' bones could be broken? Well, yes, in the sense that they had the same material composition as other human bones and therefore did not have sufficient physical strength to withstand certain kinds of blows. On the other hand, God prevented the breaking of Jesus' bones in order to fulfill prophecy (John 19:36). So there is also a sense in which Jesus' bones could not be broken. Breaking them was impossible...The breaking of Jesus' bones was physically possible, but impossible by virtue of God's decree." (133)

And finally:

"Can unregenerate people believe in Jesus apart from grace? Again, they are physically and mentally able, but morally unable." (134)

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