Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jeremiah Burroughs, Straight Shooter

Straight shooter: One who manifests honesty and directness.

Jeremiah Burroughs is a 'straight shooter'. He doesn't 'candy-coat' his words. He delivers the 'goods' without 'beating around the bush'.

Evidence of this can be seen in Part 7 of The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment. Part 7 looks at the excuses of a murmuring heart. Burroughs lists these excuses and then follows them up with some correction. His 'straight shooting' can be seen particularly when he speaks to the sixth excuse. The sixth excuse of a murmuring heart is:


Jeremiah doesn't 'pull any punches' in his response:

1. Let it be as great an affliction as it will, it is not as great as your sin. He has punished you less than your sins.

2. It might have been a great deal more, you might have been in Hell.

3. It may be it is the greater because your heart murmurs so.

So Jeremiah...tell us how you really feel.

To his third point Jeremiah makes a good argument:
Shackles upon a man's legs, if his legs are sore, will pain him more. If the shoulder is sore, the burden is the greater. It is because your heart is so unsound that your affliction is great to you.

This may seem like harsh council to some, but to me this is 'what the doctor ordered.' I really appreciate the style with which this Puritan writes: honest and forthright!

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  1. You captured it well with the picture. Burroughs certainly doesn't beat around the bush. I, also, have appreciated that style because I need it. This might have been one of my favorite chapters because it spoke so directly to me. Now if I can just remember the things I'm learning...