Monday, October 26, 2009

Insight from Triumph Over Temptation

From chapter three, The Deceit of Indwelling Sin:

Four ways sin seeks to accomplish its ends:
  1. Sin takes advantage of the weariness of the flesh.
  2. The deceitfulness of sin argues falsely about the pressing circumstances in life.
  3. Sin argues for compensatory duties.
  4. Sin feeds the soul with false promises and purposes.

Sin uses at least six ways to distract the mind:
  1. Sin persuades the mind to deal in generalities and to avoid particular duties.
  2. The mind feels content in performance of its duties while secretly sinning.
  3. The mind often becomes perfunctory in its performance of its duties.
  4. Sin distracts the mind from maintaining its diligence.
  5. Sin distracts the mind by using deceit to take it by surprise.
  6. Sin deceives the mind by frequent and lengthy solicitations.

In regards to the proper attitude towards duty:
  1. We must obey God wholeheartedly.
  2. We must depend on God in faith to obey Him.
  3. We must exercise our understanding and affections to obey God.
  4. We must obey God to bring Him glory.

Five ways to direct our minds against deceit that hinders us in our duties:
  1. We must consider the sovereignty of God.
  2. We must consider the punishment of sin.
  3. We must consider the love and kindness of God against whom sin is committed.
  4. We must consider the blood and mediation of Christ.
  5. We must consider the indwelling Holy Spirit.

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