Monday, October 19, 2009

Prayer Destroying Sin

We have seen four ways in which the spirit of true prayer helps the believer destroy sin. First, it exposes any secret sin lurking in the heart. Like wild beasts, the more earnestly they are pursued, the more likely they will be discovered. Second, prayer weaken a prevalent sin and develops an antidote to it. When the soul of a believer becomes sick with spontaneous languor or apparently causeless weariness, it is a sure sign some sinful disease remains within the soul. Third, as long as the soul engages itself with God, it is certain sin cannot rise up in ruinous dominance...Finally, when the heart remains undeceived by sin in its diligence before God, it receives a special diligence and watchfulness against sin. (Owen, John. Triumph Over Temptation. Colorado Springs: Victor. 86, emphasis mine)

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