Sunday, October 25, 2009

From Triumph Over Temptation

Some quotes from Triumph Over Temptation:

Sin seeks to divert the mind from God in various ways. This principally happens when sin argues that certain things are necessary and lawful for the mind to dwell on. (86)

Yet so readily does the deceitfulness of sin use duties to rob God of His due. (88)

The principal care and charge of the soul, as we have seen, lie then in the mind. If the mind fails in its duty, it is like a sentry who fails in his duty. All is lost because of his negligence. (88-9)

The stable, solid, resolved mind in the things of God is not easily moved, diverted, changed, or drawn aside. It is a mind that is not prone to listen to corrupt reasonings, false insinuations, or pretexts seeking to draw it away from its duty. (89)

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