Saturday, November 21, 2009

Entering Into Temptation

From Triumph Over Temptation:

Entering Into Temptation

"First, to enter into temptation is not merely to face temptation. It is impossible for us to be so free of temptation that we never experience it. As long as Satan continues with his power and malice, and as long as the world and its lusts exist around us, we will face temptation." (143)

"Second, to enter into temptation refers to more than the ordinary work of Satan in our own lust. These are sure to tempt us all the time...It suggests something that leads specifically to the seduction of sin, either by attraction or fear." (144)

"Third, it does not imply being conquered by a temptation. It does not mean that we commit specific sin or evil that tempts us or neglect the duties that we know we must fulfill. A man may enter into temptation and yet not fall under temptation, for God makes a way of escape." (144)

"As long as temptation merely knocks outside the door, we remain free. But when it enters and parleys with the heart, reasons with the mind, and entices and allures the affections-either for a short or a long time, whether the soul is conscious of it or not-then we enter into temptation." (144)

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