Friday, November 20, 2009

Heading for home!

I am finally nearing the end of a journey I started early on in 2009. I am less than 50 pages away from finishing John Frame's book The Doctrine of God. With 742 pages, not including the appendices, this was a colossus of a read. I do not expect to ever learn more theology from any other individual book (other than the Bible). I think that speaks to 2 things: my incredible lack of understanding when I started the book and the excellence of the book itself. It has been an amazing journey. I have blogged often from the pages of this book and I hope it has been somewhat helpful. I'm sure it is a book that I will use regularly as a resource and a reference.

At any rate, I will press on to the end of this trek. In discussing the divinity of the second member of the trinity, the Son, Frame presents examples of how, in the New Testament, the deity of Christ is taken for granted as opposed to positively asserted:

...Jesus in the Gospels never withdraws or modifies a statement, never apologizes or repents (though among human beings such is a mark of greatness), never seeks advice, and never asks for prayer for himself. He sometimes behaves strangely-sleeping in a boat during a storm(Matt. 8:24) and allowing Lazarus to die (John 11:37)-without explaining his actions. Such behavior can be considered virtuous only in God himself. Once again, these texts do not teach Jesus' deity; they presuppose it. (649)

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