Thursday, November 19, 2009

Piper Q & A

I came across this at Justin Taylor's blog (now found at The Gospel Coalition's website).

Here is his explanation:

I know no one better than John Piper at answering theological and practical questions. Below are the videos for the three-hour “Ask Pastor John.” You’ll hear his answers to questions like:

* what do you think of @FakeJohnPiper?
* why should I want to be a Christian?
* should marijuana be legalized?
* how does unbelief play into my need for porn?
* should I go on the mission field if it puts my wife at risk?
* should Christians use birth control?
* what would you say if you had two minutes with the Pope?
* how do you know Christianity is true?
* who really writes Piper’s tweets?
* what do you think about Halloween?
* why doesn’t Piper “name names” about prosperity gospel preachers?
* how should you confront those who have abused you when you’re younger?
* how do you respond to the idea that seeking accountability means Christ is insufficient?
* is it sin not to like the doctrine of election, even if one believes in it?
* what does Piper do to relax and unwind?
* what’s on the menu at Old Country Buffet? (Not a question that was asked, but one that was answered!)
* should local churches equip young men for ministry, or should they be sent to seminary?
* what hope would you offer to those addicted to cutting themselves?
* difference between confidence and presumption in risk taking?
* do you accept old earth?
* how is it ever right for God to slaughter women and children?
* how could God command others to slaughter?
* how important is it for preachers to preach Christ from every text?
* If you were a member of an Arminian church, what would you do if your pastor asked you not to talk about the doctrines of grace?
* what happens when infants die?
* how have you dealt with the fallout of your statements about your comments on the tornado and bridge collapse in Minneapolis?
* what do you think about the sinner’s prayer and asking people to “invite” Jesus into their heart?
* why not have one of your 30+ elders pastor a campus church rather than using video preaching?
* have you ever seen a vision or spoken in tongues?
* what do you think about Christians using anti-depressants?
* do Christians have permission to pray imprecatory prayers?
* how do I boast only in Christ when applying for a job?
* what books are you planning to write next?

You can find the sessions here.

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