Monday, November 16, 2009

Owen on how God "tempts" believers

From Triumph Over Temptation by John Owen as edited by James M. Houston:

How God Tempts Believers

"Generally speaking, temptation merely means to test, to prove, or to experiment with. In this sense, God sometimes tempts men...When we speak of God "tempting" two things merit our consideration. First, God tempts man to show him what is in man, either of grace or corruption...

God alone can plumb the depths of our souls. His instruments are His trials. They penetrate the inmost parts of the soul and permit a man to see what lies there...

Second, God tests us to show Himself to man." (137-8)

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  1. Grace or corruption....great post Jude. Puts temptation in a whole new light for me. I'd love to talk more about this thursday.