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Altogether Lovely - Christ Exalted

The third sermon reproduced in Altogether Lovely (Jonathan, Edwards. Altogether Lovely Jonathan Edwards on the glory and excellency of Jesus Christ. Morgan, PA: Soli Deo Gloria Publications, 1997) is entitled Christ Exalted or JESUS CHRIST GLORIOUSLY EXALTED ABOVE ALL EVIL IN THE WORK OF REDEMPTION. It can be found many places online, including here.

It was delivered in 1738, and has for its text 1 Corinthians 15:25,26. The ESV renders that verse "25 For he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet. 26 The last enemy to be destroyed is death."

I find that if I can perceive and understand the structure of an Edwards work that I have a much easier time working through it. With that in mind, this first post will simply be to reveal the structure of this sermon so, in a later post, I can blog about its content.

Edwards begins with a brief introduction and 2 observations.
I. Here is one thing wherein appears the glory of that exaltation and dominion, that Christ has as our redeemer, viz. that it issues in the subjection of all enemies under his feet. It is not said all his enemies, possibly because those that shall be put under his feet are not only his enemies, but also the enemies of his Father and of his people. Their being under his feet denotes their being perfectly subdued, and his being gloriously exalted over them. It shall be thus with respect to God’s and his, and his people’s enemies universally, not one excepted; which universality is signified here two ways; all enemies — and the very last enemy: when there shall be but one enemy left, that shall also be put under his feet.

II. We may learn what is here meant by enemies by the particular instance here given as the last that shall be destroyed, viz. death. Which shows that by enemies, is not meant persons only, that set themselves in opposition to God and his people, but evils; whatever is against God and his people, and opposes Christ or his saints, whether they be persons or things.

Edwards then divides his sermon into 3 sections which are described as following:
Section 1 - How evil of all kinds has prevailed and highly exalted itself in the world. This section describes 6 evils and discusses their 'exaltation' in the world.

Section 2 - How Jesus Christ, in the work of redemption, appears gloriously above all these evils. In 6 points corresponding to the 6 above, Edwards explains how Christ is exalted still higher and more gloriously in His redemptive work.

Section 3 - The subject improved and applied. Edwards elaborates on point II above in 3 subsections.

Keep watching for further posts on Christ Exalted.

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