Thursday, February 11, 2010

Reading the Classics with Challies - Redemption Accomplished and Applied

The final post for this installment of Reading the Classics with Challies concerns itself with the final chapter of Redemption Accomplished and Applied by John Murray. This final chapter is an explanation of the doctrine of glorification; the last link in the golden chain of salvation!

CHAPTER X - Glorification

"Glorification is the final phase of the application of redemption. It is that which brings to completion the process which begins in effectual calling. Indeed it is the completion of the whole process of redemption. For glorification means the attainment of the goal to which the elect of God were predestinated in the eternal purpose of the Father and it involves the consummation of the redemption secured and procured by the vicarious work of Christ." (174) That is most of the opening paragraph of this final phase of the odro salutis.

Murray goes on the emphasize the relationship between glorification and death. "The redemption which Christ has secured for his people is redemption not only from sin but also from all its consequences ... Hence glorification has in view the destruction of death itself" (174-5). Furthermore, Murray expounds that glorification is "the complete and final redemption of the whole person when in the integrity of body and spirit the people of God will be conformed to the image of the risen, exalted, and glorified Redeemer, when the very body of their humiliation will be conformed to the body of Christ's glory (cf. Phil 3:21)" (175).

Murray further defines glorification with the following: " Glorification, then, is the instantaneous change that will take place for the whole company of the redeemed when Christ will come again the second time without sin unto salvation and will descend from heaven with the shout of triumph over the last enemy" (176).

For Murray, glorification will also reveal glory. "There will be a perfect coincidence of the revelation of the Father's glory, of the revelation of the glory of Christ, and of the liberty of the glory of the children of God" (177).

Murray finishes off the chapter with a supra-universal declaration. "Glorification has cosmic proportions" (181). Indeed, all things will be reconciled to God; all things will be made new.

This was truly a classic read; a must read for those who would understand the doctrines related to the order of salvation.

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