Monday, February 22, 2010

Divergent Excellencies

From Altogether Lovely (Jonathan, Edwards. Altogether Lovely Jonathan Edwards on the glory and excellency of Jesus Christ. Morgan, PA: Soli Deo Gloria Publications, 1997)

Here is a list of some of the divergent excellencies that come together in Christ as described by Jonathan Edwards. For me, these point to several things; clearly to Christ's magnificence, to His having no rival, to His aptness as our Redeemer, and to paradox which seems to be inherent in Christianity.

infinite highness and infinite condescension
infinite justice and infinite grace
infinite grace and infinite mercy
infinite glory and lowest humility
infinite majesty and transcendent meekness
deepest reverence towards God and equality with God
infinite worthiness of good, and the greatest patience under sufferings of evil
exceeding spirit of obedience, with supreme dominion over heaven and earth
absolute sovereignty and perfect resignation
self-sufficiency, and an entire trust and reliance on God

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