Friday, April 30, 2010

Godly Jealousy by K. Erik Thoennes - Chapter 2

I'm two chapters into Godly Jealousy. (Thoennes, K. Erik. Godly Jealousy: a Theology of Intolerant Love. Scotland: Christian Focus, 2005. Print.) I'm thoroughly enjoying the book and learning much about the significance of God's jealousy to his character and his actions. I have also been a little surprised by the pervasiveness of this communicable attribute of God throughout the Bible. The book is clear, concise; just the way I like it.

Here are a few of the many passages I noted for consideration from chapter two.

"It will be shown that in the Bible, when understood properly, jealousy is not a minor incidental aspect of God's work in human history; rather,it is a deep and pervasive quality of his that is foundational to everything he does in human history." (34)

"God is jealous (1) for his own glory, and (2) for the faithfulness of his people. The latter is related to, and based on, the former. God is ultimately jealous for the faithfulness of his people because he is jealous for his own glory." (34)

"God's desire for his glory drives his constant revelation of himself in the lives of his people. He wants to be known, and recognized for who he is, so that he will receive his deserved glory. God wants humanity to know that he is Lord, and this motive is frequently given as the cause of his actions." (36)

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