Friday, April 23, 2010

So Whether You Eat or Drink, or Whatever You Do...

There is no way to honour God entirely and sincerely until we have learned both to know and do his will. Otherwise we do but serve Christ as the devil served him, who would carry him upon the top of the mountain, but with the intent to bid him to throw himself down again. So we seem to exalt God much in our talk and profession; yea, but we throw him down, when we pollute him and deny him in our conduct. Our lives are the scandal of religion, and a pollution and blot to the name of God. So with respect to ourselves, you see what need we have to go to God, that he will give us grace that we may please him and glorify his name. Also a Christian should desire all others around him to also glorify God. A fire turns all things near it into fire, and leaven spreads until it has subdued the whole lump. So is the nature of grace, it loves to spread itself. We love to reach and diffuse our influence on others.

Thomas Manton

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