Monday, April 26, 2010

Lessons in Holiness

Holiness consists not in a mere forbearance of a sensual life, but principally in living unto God. The principle or heart of holiness is within, and consists in the love of God, his Word, his ways, his servants, his honour, and his interest in the world. It consists in the soul's delight in God, and the ways of God. It is inclined towards him, and seeks after him to please him. It hates to offend him. The expression of it in our lives consists in a constant, diligent exercise of the internal life, according to the directions of the Word of God.
Do you think that God will have servants, and have nothing for them to do? Will one of you commend or reward your servant for doing nothing, and take it at the year's end for a satisfactory answer or account, if he might say; 'I have done no harm?' God calls you not only to do no harm, but to love and serve him with all your heart, and soul, and might.
If you are true believers, you have no laid up your hope in heaven; seek it, as worldlings set themselves to seek the world.
Richard Baxter
A Christian Directory

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