Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lost power this morning!

Here in London, Ontario we had a pretty good thunderstorm this morning. It knocked the power out for over an hour. I had the interesting and enjoyable experience of reading the Bible by candlelight. I thought of our past saints who did this exclusively as their days were filled with toilsome labour and the only time for repose was when things got dark. I wondered if they were plagued by FCS; flickering candle syndrome. It makes it tough to read and things get a little blurry. Then I realized, there are probably many more saints than I realize alive today who do the exact same thing; read the Word by candlelight. I hope their candles burned true this morning. I have recently been doing my Bible reading via my iPod Touch which is a far cry from what I experienced this morning. But, the Word is the Word, and I believe the transformative power that comes from its divine authorship is not conditional upon the medium that with which we encounter it. Whether stone tablet, scroll, book or computer, His Word is a lamp and a light! Find a source of light, be it fire or electric or otherwise, and let His written Light shine for you today.

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