Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Small Matter

How horrid and heinous soever our sins and corruptions have been, we should learn to account them a small matter in comparison to the grace of Christ, who is God as well as man, and offered up Himself by the eternal Spirit as a sacrifice of infinite value for our salvation, and can create us anew as easily as He created the world by a word speaking. - Walter Marshall, The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification

Let me mention a few things from this excerpt which cannot be overlooked:

  1. It does not read "If" our sins are horrid and heinous. It accepts and purports that they are. It is of no benefit to minimize the gravity of our disobedience.
  2. We should "account them small", however, in light of the grace of Christ. It is in the light of this comparison, and not in comparison to others' sin, that we reckon our sin small.
  3. Christ's God-man-ness was of incredible import when one considers His work; no other could have accomplished it.
  4. The sacrifice He made of Himself was of infinite value, the only sacrifice that could cancel an infinite weight of sin.
  5. Our regeneration, the new creation, is not difficult for God. His omnipotent power and the finality of Our Savior's work ensure that.

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