Friday, June 3, 2011

Some warmth imparted

I love this advice that Richard Baxter gives to pastors. I think that it is great advice for all of us. Consider:
But, besides this general course of watchfulness, methinks a minister should take some special pains with his heart, before he is to go to the congregation: if it be then cold, how is he likely to warm the hearts of his hearers? Therefore, go then specially to God for life: read some rousing, awakening book, or meditate on the weight of the subject of which you are to speak, and on the great necessity of your people’s souls, that you may go in the zeal of the Lord into his house. Maintain, in this manner, the life of grace in yourselves, that it may appear in all your sermons from the pulpit, – that every one who comes cold to the assembly, may have some warmth imparted to him before he depart.
We don't often get much in the form of comments on this blog, but I would be interested in hearing if you have a particular author or book that you find 'rousing' and 'awakening'. Is there a book or author that warms your heart?

Two authors that 'impart warmth' for me come to mind; one living and one dead. I find Sam Storms writes in a way that is motivating to my inner man. He is the living one in case you are unfamiliar with him. The dead guy who stirs me is Octavius Winslow. There is something about his style and substance that fans the flames of my heart.

If I wanted to listen to someone whose words were compelling and courage-inducing, my first choice would be John Piper.

How about you?

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