Monday, June 20, 2011

The power and wisdom of God

Just as at the cross God's power is hidden in weakness and his wisdom in folly, the world cannot see God's power and wisdom in the circumstances of this world, with all the 9/11s, AIDS, cancer, hurricanes, and countless personal tragedies we all encounter. God's providence cannot really be discerned apart from the gospel, apart from the knowledge that God is up to something here that will turn Good Friday into Easter morning. -Michael Horton, A Place for Weakness

Part of our growth in faith, a maturing of our trust in God, is too see His gracious power and wisdom in the difficulties of life. That process, at least for me, is a tough row to hoe. But, I believe lack of understanding and the corresponding affections in this realm-trials, tribulations, tests-leads to many believers being wounded and incapacitated. Let us work to grow in this area.

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