Thursday, January 26, 2012

Prepare your minds

In his classic book called The Glory of Christ (Law, R. J. K. The Glory of Christ. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 1994. Print.), John Owen discusses the wonderful blessedness that saints in heaven experience due to their beholding the glory of Christ. He writes,

"A great part of the blessedness of the saints in heaven and their triumph lies in beholding the glory of Christ and what glorious results his work as mediator has produced." (54) 
He continues on this track by admitting that the glory that those in heaven behold is beyond our understanding.

However, he declares that though we may not comprehend the full scope of Christ's glory that is reveled in by those in heaven, we are not left without the opportunity to behold the glory of the Son of God while here on earth.
"Yet even here, if we are not lazy or worldly, we may behold the glory of Christ's love by faith."(54)
The key passage that I wish to share with you this morning is Owen's instructions to those who would "behold the glory of Christ's love by faith".

So make every effort to prepare your minds for such heavenly thoughts. If your thoughts are filled with earthly things, then a sense of Christ's love and its glory will not abide in them. Few minds are prepared for this duty. The outward behaviour of most reveals the attitude of their souls. The thoughts wander up and down to the corners of the earth. It is useless to call such persons to the duty of contemplating the glory of Christ's love as mediator. A holy calmness of mind ruled by spiritual principles, a heavenly mindedness, and a realization of how excellent this this divine glory is, are required for this duty of meditation. (54, emphasis mine)

Owen continues with an admonishment to set one's minds on Christ and the glorious pursuit of beholding God's Son. Clear, distinct, and accurate thoughts of Jesus Christ as gleaned from Scripture are the doorway to this enjoyment of "the sweet perfume of his mediatorial love" (54).

Be encouraged this morning to contemplate and consider the compelling characteristics of Christ!

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  1. Good reminder to keep our eye on the Jesus ball. Needed this reminder as I finally returned to writing this morning. Thanks Jude!