Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When did God first condescend?

According To Scott Oliphint, in his book entitled God With Us: Divine Condescension and the Attributes of God, there was a point at which God condescended:
There is a point, therefore-call it "before the foundation of the world"-when God determines to condescend and to create. This takes place initially in eternity. The act of God's creation includes the triune God-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit-taking counsel with himself in order to confirm and establish a covenant relationship with his creation, especially his human creatures. At that point when God determines to decree "whatsoever comes to pass", there is condescension. Because, in order to decree all things, it is necessary for the object(s) of God's knowledge to be ad extra-outside himself-there must be condescension. Any object of God's knowledge that is not God is, by definition, less than God. It requires, then, that God "stoop" in order to determine and effect what is outside of himself. This is what God does as he voluntarily condescends to be with his creation, including his human creatures. (105)
What a mighty God we serve. He is not like us. He is so beyond and above us, that even in humans being the object of his knowledge there is condescension. Not only does this point to his transcendent majesty, it is also an indication of his great love for us.

I so appreciate this book by Oliphint; it challenges the mind resulting in affections in the heart. It points to God and causes one to worshipfully contemplate the majesty of our triune God.

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