Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lloyd-Jones on the quest for truth

From Romans 1: The Gospel of God by D. M. Lloyd-Jones:

“We have heard so much about the ‘quest’ for truth, the ‘search’ for reality. Now that is the exact opposite of the gospel. The gospel is not something that invites us to join in a great search or a great quest. It is an announcement. It is a revelation. It is an unfolding, an unveiling of something.” (295)

This quote causes me to ponder how we use use words in our society and the often unnoticed effect those words have on our beliefs. As I read this quote I immediately thought of a popular label for non-believers; seekers.

The church has been using this term for quite some time now. And really, I think it is quite misleading in the sense that nobody, apart from God's gracious hand in their lives, seeks God. And though churches may understand this, I doubt it is ever explained to the ones they have labeled 'seekers'.

Thus, there are likely a whole whack of converts who, due to this term, understand themselves to have sought out God. And instead of realizing they were apprehended by God with the Gospel, they are under the impression that they sought and found the gospel. This can quite clearly lead to some theological errors.

Is this a big deal? Really? Is it really that problematic to call people 'seekers'? Well, yes and no. It is not a big enough deal to stop the progress of the gospel in those people's lives. But then again, nothing is in terms of God's sovereignty. But, it just may well get new believers off on the wrong foot and older believers going down the wrong path.

The gospel is not an invitation to join a journey. It is a revelation of the God in the face of Christ. We do not seek Him; He sought us.

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