Monday, January 30, 2012

Interacting with literature

I'm looking forward to a series of posts by Carolyn Weber, entitled I Read Dead People, that she describes as such:
In this upcoming series, I would like to examine a handful of examples from literary greats, and consider how they challenge and inform our faith walk. The list need not be limited to Christian writers, or overtly Christian topics. I have found that to be irrelevant in the long run, as everything I have ever read, and continue to read, regardless of cultural or spiritual context or background, still speaks to me in some way of the human condition, our need for redemption, and most powerfully, the glory of God.
 You can follow this series by visiting her site regularly: Pressing Save: Reading, Writing, and Living the Word Eternal. She can also be found on Twitter: @CarolynWeber and @PressingSave .

In light of anticipating Weber's series on interacting with literature, I thought I would collect and present my blog posts in which I have reflected on classic literature that I was reading. The posts are listed under the author who's literature I interacted with.


















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