Thursday, August 27, 2009

More on Murmuring

In Part 6 of The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment, Jeremiah Burroughs goes on to explain the vileness of the sin of murmuring beyond what he had discussed previously. Here is a summary of "Aggravations of the Sin of Murmuring"

1. To murmur when we enjoy an abundance of mercy; the greater and the more abundant the mercy that we enjoy, the greater and viler is the sin of murmuring.
2. A second aggravation of the sin of murmuring is, when we murmur for small things.
3. For men of gifts and abilities to whom God has given wisdom, to be discontented and murmur, is more than if others do it.
4. The consideration of the freeness of all Gods’ mercies to us
5. For men and women to murmur and be discontented and impatient, when they have the things for the want of which they were discontented before.
6. For those men and women to be discontented and murmur whom God has raised from mean and low estates and positions.
7. For those to be discontented who have been very great sinners and ungodly in their former life.
8. For men who are of little use in the world to be discontented.
9. For us to be discontented at a time when God is about to humble us.
10. The more palpable and remarkable the hand of God appears to bring about an affliction, the greater is the sin of murmuring and discontent under an affliction.
11. To be discontented though God has been exercising us for a long time under afflictions, yet still to remain discontented.

Clearly, murmuring was a heinous sin in the author's eyes. I need to learn to abhor murmuring to the degree that he did for I see myself too often in the list above.

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  1. I've enjoyed the list format that Burroughs uses. Makes it easier to track. Thanks for the summary.