Friday, August 28, 2009

The swelling waves of mercy's ocean

And now, beloved, with this ocean of mercy rolling its swelling waves at your feet, each billow as it breaks murmuring in the sweetest cadence, "God is love," can you for a moment question the wise, gracious, tender conduct towards you, of that Father from whose heart this ocean flows? Look at the cross; behold His precious Gift transfixed to it, and that by His own hand, and for your sins; then look at your present circumstances, survey your needs, your trials, your chastisements, your bereavements, your heart-sickening, heart-breaking tribulations, and know that God still is love. (Octavius Winslow, The Glory of the Redeemer,70)


  1. I am project managing a book for The Nautical Institute. Can I have permission to use your image of the Stormy seas please.
    With best wishes
    God Bless
    Andrew Lansdale

  2. Andrew, I got that picture from You'll have to get permission from them I guess.