Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sam Storms: "If I did not believe in the absolute sovereignty of God

This article was brought to my attention by fellow Oak Log blogger Chris Power. Sam Storms, in this article, shares what he would think and do should he not believe in the absolute sovereignty of God.

1. I would despair of my eternal destiny.
2. I would be terrified of all suffering, with no confidence that God can turn evil for good and bring me safely through.
3. I would become manipulative and pragmatic in evangelism, believing that conversion is altogether a matter of my will/skill vs. will/skill of unbeliever.
4. I would cease praying for God to convert and save the lost.
5. I would despair of the political process and live in fear/anxiety/resentment of those elected officials who oppose the kingdom of God.
6. I would live in fear of nature: tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, wind and hail and rain.
7. I would despair of ever doing anything of a spiritual nature that God requires and commands of me.

For the whole article, go here.

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